Stay Cool in your Ford This Summer

August 11th, 2015 by

Even though August may be approaching rapidly, summer temperatures appear to be sticking around for a while longer across the nation. Heat and humidity have continued to break weather records on both coasts. Over two dozen cities and towns in the country have reported the hottest June on record. Even Alaska reported their hottest summer ever.

Given the vast amount of new technology that has been added to vehicles in recent years, it can be easy to take classic amenities for granted. Air conditioning can make any drive more pleasant. Whether you’re going from an afternoon cruise or taking the family out for dinner, a comfortable temperature can improve the ride. Ford’s forward-thinking engineers have offered information to help improve the performance of the air conditioner in your vehicle this summer.

Most Ford vehicles use a limited reheat strategy to help make the interior of the vehicle as comfortable as possible. While previous systems cooled all processed air to just above freezing temperature and reheated them to the designed levels, new versions save energy by cooling the air just below the desired temperature and reheating slightly. This energy-saving feature provides for a more constant, cool temperature as well as better fuel economy.

The newer systems also feature an auto mode. This mode, which uses sensors, determines the optimal operation requirements of the system to properly maintain the most comfortable temperature level in your vehicle. This system allows for the most efficient temperature levels in each area of the vehicle. For example, if the sun is beaming into the driver’s seat, the system will cool that side more.

In order to keep your car cool, be sure to lower the windows for a few minutes after entering a hot car. Use the max AC for quicker cooling, but focus on adjusting the temperature rather than turning the AC on and off too often. Park the car in the shade when possible, and utilize the climate control system’s automatic feature for quick cooling.

If you’d like more information about air conditioning, or if you’d like to check out a vehicle which boasts these improvements to the standard luxury, visit Villa Ford in Orange, California. A qualified professional will be eager to help you stay cool in a high-quality Ford.