New Headlights for Fords

August 7th, 2015 by

New Headlights for FordsWhether you’re coming back from a night of fishing, leaving work after second shift, or just cruising around late, you need to make sure you have maximum visibility. This is especially true when you are piloting a powerful force like the Ford. Ford has led the industry in power under the hood and user-friendly designs. They’ve also shown a concern for the safety of their drivers on the road.

It should come as no surprise that Ford has sought to provide a reworked and improved model of the standard headlight. Given the impressive power of the Ford, their forward-thinking engineers wanted to include an added bit of visibility and safety in order to compensate. All too often, drivers feel intimidated piloting a powerful Ford. With this technology, the driver will always feel that they are in control of their vehicle, regardless of its power.

While most can easily drive home with standard headlights even in stormy conditions, the fear is always not being able to stop before hitting something or someone. In order to solve this problem, Ford is developing improved headlights which point out people and animals in the driver’s path or just off the road. This Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System also lends itself well to tricky roads or routes the driver is unfamiliar with.

Using GPS information, this system can also illuminate bends, dips, and turns on a route. The nerve-wracking experience of driving at night on roads with potholes or roads the driver isn’t familiar with can finally be put to rest. But it doesn’t stop there; this information is actually stored in the navigation system and allows the lights to repeat their increased performance the next time the driver uses that road.

These vehicles have a lot to offer, and Ford is determined to continue improving them from the bumper all the way to the headlights. For more information about Fords and their revolutionary new headlights, head down to Villa Ford and talk with one of their qualified experts today.

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